We put your product in the spotlight

Technical Approach

With window sticking, we stick transparent films behind previously die-cut areas of your packaging. These transparent surfaces allow a direct view of your product and protect it from contamination at the same time.

We also offer a new biodegradable window film in our range. Simply ask us about this.

Overview of Benefits

  • Transparent films put your product in the spotlight
  • Optimum protection and panoramic view of your product
  • Individual placement of the window areas
  • Window backing with biodegradable window films

Frequently asked questions

How does window backing work with Seismografics?

In window back-gluing, transparent films are glued behind previously die-cut areas of a package. This process is automated on appropriately equipped machines. The transparent surfaces created in this way allow a direct view of the product and at the same time protect it from damage or contamination.

What can I use the window backing for?

Window backing is suitable for product packaging where the manufacturer wants to provide a view of the inside of the box and thus of the product. They are therefore an ideal form of presentation for highlighting visual or functional product features and thus serve as a special purchase incentive for customers.

What are the advantages of Seismografics window backing?

Seismografics’ modern machinery offers the best conditions for adding extra shine to products with window backing. The transparent films put the product in the spotlight, whereby the window areas can be placed individually and are optionally made of biodegradable film.