Protect your product

Technical Approach

Our window backgluing machine has an integrated UV inkjet head. This allows us to print codes on all types of packaging while the window is being glued in place.

Of course, we not only print a barcode on your packaging, but also protect it with a security code. By means of a specially developed procedure, the code can be read afterwards and thus the place of origin and production date can be determined exactly.

Overview of Benefits

  • Window backing and coding possible in one production step
  • Grey market protection by means of codes
  • Tracking of the goods
  • Exposure of the channels through which the product enters the grey market

Frequently asked questions

How does UV inkjet printing from Seismografics work?

UV inkjet printing is a digital printing process. The print motif is transferred to the printing machine by computer. The printing ink is applied to a carrier and is irradiated with UV light, whereupon it hardens on the printed material. The process is used in particular for printing digital codes on a wide variety of documents.

What can I use UV inkjet printing for?

With the UV inkjet process, codes can be printed on all types of packaging. These codes are ideal for protecting products. There they serve as an effective anti-counterfeiting and grey market protection, because they support the unmasking of the channels through which the product is brought to market.

What are the advantages of UV inkjet printing from Seismografics?

With UV inkjet printing from Seismografics, window back-gluing and coding of packaging and printed products is possible in a single production step. The application of barcodes and security codes also enables effective grey market protection, as the codes can be read retrospectively using a specially developed process, which enables the precise identification of the place of origin and production date.