Flexible packaging for a Wide Range of Products and Applications

You don’t want to handle the integration of your products yourself and prefer to leave it in competent hands?

Your product and packaging ideas require a customized solution?

You have a product that needs to be glued or assembled manually?

Would you like efficient packaging at favorable conditions?

Then you are in the best hands with our packaging service!

Overview of Benefits

  • Low costs with high process reliability
  • Precise and professional assembly
  • Short processing times and transport routes
  • Great solution competence due to years of experience
  • High capacity and flexibility for customized solutions

Individual Services – tailored to your needs

Your products are assembled in our state-of-the-art second plant in the Czech Republic, which is optimally designed for the efficient processing of even large order quantities. This location offers ideal customer proximity at favorable conditions.

Our team of experienced specialists ensures that your goods are assembled quickly, precisely and securely. Our focus is on the precise processing of complex packing orders by hand.

Do you have your own packaging into which your products are to be inserted? No problem! Of course, we will be happy to take care of this for you as well and return the finished packaged items to you immediately after processing.

We know that customized solutions are becoming more and more important. That’s why we optionally take over the packaging of personalized articles or the manual addition of individualized cover letters.

Our packaging service ensures that your product always looks its best in its packaging.

Low Costs – with the highest quality and safety

Maximum reliability in service and the safety of your product are always our top priorities. In combination with our optional warehousing and logistics services, we offer you a comprehensive full service so that you can concentrate on the tasks that are relevant to you.

Make your work easier and rely on the many years of experience of our competent and solution-oriented team of experts, who will be happy to develop an efficient customized service for you.

Frequently asked questions

What is assembly and how does it work?

Assembly in the packaging industry is about integrating the ready-to-sell product into its respective packaging solution. Efficient processes require great flexibility, because products or packaging often have to be glued or assembled manually beforehand.

What can I use assembly for?

Successful packaging is the prerequisite for a consistent product and packaging experience for the customer. To ensure that the goods are packaged quickly, precisely and securely, it is advisable for experienced experts to handle the often large-volume orders with precision.

What are the advantages of assembling at seismografics?

Customers benefit from precise and professional packaging by the Seismografics team, which has a great deal of solution expertise thanks to its many years of experience. Short processing times and transport routes as well as high capacity and flexibility for customized solutions ensure low costs while guaranteeing high process reliability.