Personalised Packaging and Customisation for your Products – Guide

In a sea of products that all promise to be the best on the market, it is difficult for potential customers to decide on the right brand. Personalised packaging can offer consumers the decisive incentive to ultimately choose your offer.

Especially in online retail, individualised packaging and advertising materials are becoming increasingly important. After all, the product should excite the customer from the very first second – starting with the unpacking.

We show you the versatile advantages of an individual packaging solution and how you can find the perfect packaging for your product step by step.

Advantages of personalised packaging: that certain something

There are dozens of advantages to personalising packaging. If a product is individually tailored to the customer, the purchase of the product becomes a special and emotional event for them, which will remain positively in their memory for a long time. This can significantly increase customer loyalty and retention towards your brand.


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The “social factor” should not be neglected either. If a customer purchases a product with a personal touch, the likelihood increases that they will share their product with their friends and acquaintances on social media. These contacts can then in turn become new customers of your company.

In addition, studies have shown that customers are willing to accept longer delivery times and pay considerably more for personalised products. However, personalised packaging is usually not much more expensive to produce than the mass-produced product. So you can significantly increase the price of personalised products while your production costs remain almost unchanged. Of course, this means a considerably higher margin and thus more profit for you – provided you have a professional packaging service provider like Seismografics on your side who can handle the packaging processes quickly and reliably.

Another advantage of personalised products is the lower return rate. Once a customer holds a product with individual packaging in his hands, he feels more attached to it because of the personal “something” than to a standard product. The inhibition threshold to return the item increases and the return probability decreases.

There are numerous examples of successful marketing campaigns that have focused on personalising their own products. Coca-Cola launched one of the best-known and most valuable advertising campaigns of recent years with its customisable bottles on which customers could put their own name or that of their loved ones. Other brands such as Nutella, Ritter Sport or M2 Beauté were also able to inspire their customers for their products through similar campaigns, significantly increase their sales and bind the buyers to their own brand in the long term.

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Interestingly, despite the various advantages and the numerous prominent, successful campaigns of other manufacturers, many brands do not yet offer personalisation of their own products. If you are one of the first brands in your industry to take advantage of this gap, you can set yourself apart from your competitors with packaging that is individually adapted to the customer and make this special alternative to the boring mass product your unique selling point.

We would be happy to discuss the various options with you and work with you to design a personalisation solution that suits your brand and products. To arrange a free and non-binding initial consultation, please get in touch via our contact form.

Which parts of a package can be personalised?

The personalisation options for packaging are almost unlimited. Each level of packaging offers its own options, so the level of customisation can be adjusted as desired. For example, you can offer customers the option to customise the product container itself or its label (level 1), as well as the product packaging (level 2) and the shipping or gift packaging (level 3). However, they can also choose to offer only one level that can be personalised, such as “only” the outer packaging.

A very noble form of personalisation is, for example, engraving or punching directly on the product container. Especially in the higher-priced segment of the beverage industry, this form of customisation is very popular. For example, a name can be engraved directly on the bottle of a high-quality whiskey – a real highlight for the recipient.

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An alternative to this is the personalisation of labels or stickers, which are applied directly to the product container. Personalising labels is less time-consuming, cheaper and above all suitable for larger print runs.

Of course, the product packaging can also be customised. For example, if you manufacture a product in vials or jars, the box in which the product is sold can be customised as desired.

Finally, the shipping box or gift or outer packaging can also be adapted to the customer’s personal preferences. If a customer receives his product in such a personalised box, he will be emotionally involved from the first second he holds it in his hand and will feel a positive buying experience right from the start. Ideally, these positive feelings will then ultimately be transferred to the product and your brand.

With us, you can of course also personalise all other advertising materials, such as fliers, calendars or greeting cards.

What types of packaging personalisation are possible?

A professional packaging manufacturer like Seismografics is able to offer all sorts of different forms of personalisation. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Lettering – such as names or personal greetings, is one of the absolute classics among personalised packaging.
  • Photo imprint – The customer has the option of placing a photo of their choice on the packaging. Often a photo print can be easily combined with personalised lettering.
  • Patterns & Colours – With this type of personalisation, the customer can customise the pattern and/or the colours of the product packaging according to their wishes.
  • Shapes – Triangular, cube-shaped or round: Here, the customer can decide for themselves which shape the product packaging should have

If you have further personalisation suggestions, you are of course welcome to discuss them with our team of experts. We make (almost) any packaging concept possible!

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How does the process of product personalisation work?

In theory, personalising packaging sounds wonderful: financial benefits, close customer loyalty and versatile design options.

However, many brands are still not really exploiting this enormous potential, because companies are often afraid that the production of customised packaging will become a logistical nightmare. But don’t worry: Seismografics has decades of experience in successfully setting up and managing such packaging processes.

Basically, there are 3 different ways to produce personalised packaging:

Personalise each product individually and on-demand.

The process that poses the most challenges is the one where all products are produced individually and on-demand. This means that the product is only produced once the customer has placed their order with the personalisation.

Pre-produce the (probably) most requested personalisations.

A smart solution to be able to offer cheaper “mainstream products” as customisable products in a cost-effective way is to pre-produce the (probably) most requested personalisations.

Coca-Cola has shown how this works successfully with the “Drink a Coke with” campaign. For the campaign, the labels with the most frequently occurring names were pre-produced according to statistical distribution, which accounted for around 90% of the circulation. Only the remaining 10% were produced at the customer’s request.

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This mixture of pre-production according to estimated demand and only a small amount of on-demand production thus enables cost-effective and fast production and delivery of the desired customer products.

Pre-produce individual parts and let customers combine them individually

A variant of personalisation is also the “mix-and-match” process. In contrast to the other two processes, however, the customer is not offered highly individualised product customisation here, but can put together his own packaging from prefabricated parts.

The parts are pre-produced and then assembled according to the customer’s wishes before shipping. For example, one customer receives his product in a black box with a green-striped lid, another in a chequered red box with a gold lid.

Design your perfect personalised packaging – in just 3 steps!

Step 1: Find a reliable packaging manufacturer

Before you take the first steps towards the conception and design of the personalised packaging, you should first consult an experienced and reliable packaging manufacturer. This person can advise you from hour one and provide you with valuable input for your concept. After all, it is no use investing many hours in the design of a customised packaging solution only to discover at the end that the project is not as feasible as you had imagined.

Particularly in view of the logistical challenges involved in the production of customised packaging, it pays to rely on the experience and knowledge of experts right from the start.

You will find such a team of experts at Seismografics. We have designed hundreds of successful packaging concepts and know exactly what it takes to make your campaign successful. With us, you can expect a unique one-stop solution, where you get all services related to packaging from a single source.

We are with you every step of the way: from conception and design to logistical handling and the finished packaged product that the customer finally holds in his hands.

Our project approach is as personal as your packaging. Every brand has its own identity and every company has individual needs. We cater to these needs precisely and are only satisfied when you are.

Our personalised packaging is suitable for use by end customers as well as for (promotional) gifts to business partners and employees – regardless of which industry you are in.

Simply contact us without obligation via our contact form to receive a free consultation!

Step 2: Brainstorming – write down your wishes and ideas!

In the second step, it is now time to work with your packaging manufacturer to develop a concept that both excites your customers and is easy to handle from a logistical point of view.

Brainstorm which designs and ideas are suitable for you and your brand. There are no “dumb” ideas, so let your creativity run wild. If you feel you need some inspiration, just ask us for advice.

We will be happy to show you previous campaigns that we have successfully handled with other clients. Often, our clients are surprised at how many personalisation options exist and come up with ideas they hadn’t even thought of before. You too can benefit from this.

Step 3: Evaluate the success of the campaign and adjust the concept if necessary.

After the campaign with your personalisable products has been launched, you should regularly measure its success. If customers are using the offer strongly, you should consider extending the offer and/or expanding it to other products.

But not only sales figures are suitable indicators for your campaign success. Above all, pay attention to the direct feedback you receive from your customers via your support system or especially in social media. Would your customers like more colours or patterns? More space for personal dedications? The option to personalise the packaging with a photo?

All this is no problem. We can react flexibly and quickly to your customisation requests and adapt the packaging concept to your new ideas.

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Conclusion – The right concept for a unique, personalised packaging experience

The packaging of your product has a significant influence on whether a customer becomes aware of your product and whether a purchase decision is ultimately made. With personalised packaging, you can offer your customers a unique, memorable buying experience and stand out from your competition. There are almost no limits to the design possibilities, so there is a customised packaging solution for every business.

Don’t be put off by any logistical challenges. A strong and experienced packaging manufacturer like Seismografics can help you successfully navigate the packaging jungle and develop a concept that both excites customers and is easy and cost-effective to implement.

Contact us now for a free and non-binding consultation!

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