Packaging with a Viewing Window: 7 great design tips to make your product a best seller!

If you are looking for special packaging for your product, cardboard packaging with a viewing window is the perfect option. 

Especially products where the feel, smell or color play a decisive role in the customer’s purchase decision can be optimally showcased by packaging with a viewing window.

We’ll show you what options you have when it comes to packaging design, what you should look out for during conception and how perfect implementation can be achieved – provided you have the right packaging service provider at your side.

Advantages of a packaging carton with viewing window

Presenting your product in a high-quality packaging with a viewing window brings several advantages over traditional packaging solutions.

Packaging with a viewing window stands out from the crowd

Especially when there are some competing products on the market, you should take every opportunity to make your product stand out. With a well-designed window packaging, you are sure to attract the attention of potential customers at the point of sale.

Instead of drowning in a sea of almost identical product packaging, you can arouse the curiosity and buying interest of your target group in a targeted manner.

Thanks to our modern machines and innovative printing, die-cutting and print finishing techniques, we can not only offer you 08/15 standard solutions, but also realize almost any design idea for you at a reasonable price.

Your customers can experience the product with (almost) all their senses

When customers decide to buy a product, they have high expectations of its quality and features. And as a company, you want one thing above all: to meet your customers’ expectations.

Ideally, customers should be able to get the best possible impression of the look, feel and smell of the product in advance, so that they know exactly what to expect from their purchase.

Packaging with a viewing window makes it possible to do just that. Instead of having to rely on a sometimes less-than-realistic product image on the packaging, customers can get an accurate picture of the product’s color and surface characteristics at the point of sale.

If you opt for a viewing window without a film backing, the customer also has the opportunity to touch, smell and feel the product. The feel of the product is very important in the textile sector, for example, with underwear, scarves and shawls.

Smell, on the other hand, plays an important role in the purchase decision for certain cosmetic products (such as soap).

Meeting the expectations of your customers also pays off financially: the more often the expectations of a product are fulfilled, the less often the products are returned or exchanged.

The customer gets exactly what they want

If you offer different variations of a product, it can be difficult for a customer to tell at first glance which package contains which product version.

For example, if you offer a product in different colors or with different features, there is a risk that the customer will pick the wrong variant and therefore be disappointed and annoyed after the purchase.

However, if you use packaging with a viewing window, the customer can see directly which variant it contains.

7 design elements and design tips when designing impressive viewing window cartons

The advantages of packaging with a viewing window are obvious. You also have much more design freedom and design options compared to traditional standard packaging.

With the sheer endless style variations, it can be hard to keep track. But don’t worry: We present the seven core elements you need to consider when designing your packaging.

1 – The Type of Packaging

The first step is to choose the “basic structure” of the packaging. In principle, (almost) any type of box can be provided with viewing windows, but the most popular are the punch-outs for:

  • Folding boxes
  • sliding boxes
  • telescope boxes
  • cardboard boxes
  • hinged lid boxes

On our product range page you can get an overview of the different box designs and decide which one suits your products best.

2 – The Material

When it comes to choosing the material of your packaging with viewing window, there is much more than “just” cardboard, because: Not all cardboard is the same.

Here you can choose the thickness of the cardboard as well as the fiber composition as you wish. For example, we offer our customers the option of designing sustainable packaging from grass paper fibers.

This alternative to the classic cardboard made of wood fibers uses up to 50% fresh fibers from sun-dried grass. The production of the grass fibers requires up to 80% less energy and does not require any added process chemicals.

The environmentally friendly properties of this type of packaging are an excellent benefit to communicate as part of your marketing and branding strategy.

3 – Patterns, Graphics & Design

In addition to its shape, each package lives from its colors, patterns and other design elements. It is also important to consider where information about the product’s manufacture and use should be included in the design.

Where will the brand and product name be placed? What font and colors will be used? Where will product information or ingredients be listed?

All of these elements must be consistent with the positioning of your brand and offering. Our in-house graphic designers are available to help you develop appropriate designs.

4 – The Die-Cut Shape of the Viewing Window

The size and shape of the viewing window are usually taken into consideration at the graphic design stage.

The most popular viewing window shapes are still the classic geometric shapes, i.e. rectangular, square, oval or round.

However, the window that is punched out can take on almost any shape thanks to our state-of-the-art punching machines. Whatever design idea you may have, we can almost certainly implement it.

5 – The Edge or Frame Desig

For each packaging viewing window, the edge can additionally be provided with further special printing and/or die-cutting elements to achieve a particularly refined and high-quality window design.

If you are not sure which edge finishes are generally feasible and which design might suit your packaging, simply let us advise you free of charge and without obligation. We will be happy to present you with different concepts that are ideally suited to your product and your positioning.

6 – The Window Backing

After the window has been punched out, it can be back-glued with a suitably cut film, for example made of PET. The film can remain classically white-transparent or be colored as desired.

Film backing is particularly suitable for products that are particularly sensitive and need to be protected from external influences or could otherwise easily fall out of the packaging. This way, your customers can still take a look at the contents without compromising hygiene or damaging the product while viewing it.

Of course, you can also choose not to back the viewing window with a film – as long as the characteristics of your product lend themselves to this option.

If the product is textile or sufficiently protected by additional other packaging, film backing is usually not necessary.

7 – The Surface Finish

Not only can we perform individual die-cutting, but we can also design the entire surface of your packaging exactly to your taste.

For example, we can perform high-quality embossing, give the surface a matte, semi-matte or high-gloss finish, or incorporate special patterns into the structure.

Here, too, there are no limits to your imagination! No matter what your wish is – we will do everything we can to turn it into reality.

Conclusion – When designing packaging with a viewing window, the printing technique and finishing are crucial

Packaging made of (environmentally friendly) cardboard with a viewing window puts your product ideally in the spotlight and draws customers’ attention to your product at the point of sale – or online. With such packaging, you stand out from the competition and arouse the curiosity of potential buyers.

Since the packaging makes it possible for prospective buyers to experience the product with almost all their senses even before they buy it, the new purchase meets the buyer’s expectations exactly. This significantly reduces return and exchange rates.

The most important aspects of packaging with a viewing window are a coherent and brand-harmonious design, high material quality and a unique print finish that lends your product exclusivity and recognition value.

As a strong print and packaging partner, Seismografics is at your side every step of the way – from the initial design idea to the finished window packaging.

As our customer, you benefit from the expertise of an experienced, interdisciplinary team as well as our innovative print finishing techniques and modern production facilities.

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