How Landseife protects fragile products with our sustainable packaging solution and successfully communicates brand values

Your packaging can have the most beautiful design, the boldest colours and the highest quality print finish. But no matter how appealing your packaging design may be – all this is of no use if your product is inadequately protected from contamination and transport and storage damage.

The founders of the organic soap manufacturer Landseife were also confronted with this challenge when they finally wanted to launch their natural cosmetics products in their own online shop as well as through direct sales in 2020.

In this case study, you will learn how we successfully developed and implemented a packaging concept for Landseife that both conveys a strong brand message and fully protects the fragile products.

The challenge: Design packaging that protects the product and conveys the branding

When the Landseife team approached Seismografics, there was no coherent and complete packaging concept for the soap manufacturer’s products. The products were not adequately wrapped by the then rather “provisional” first packaging and could therefore not be protected from transport damage.

Of course, however, the products must arrive at the customer’s in absolutely perfect condition in order to avoid complaints, high return rates and the associated profit-diminishing costs.

There was also room for improvement visually. The design did not yet perfectly reflect the brand’s core and values. However, the customer should ultimately hold a coherent overall product in his hands, because the first thing the buyer sees and feels is not the product, but the packaging. Therefore, both the product and the packaging must reflect the brand’s messages, quality and characteristics.

So Landseife contacted us with the request to develop a packaging that not only fits the sustainable and environmentally friendly branding of the natural cosmetics brand, but also guarantees that the products reach the customer intact.

The solution: Modular concept made of sustainable packaging materials with high-end print finishing

Understanding the customer, the products and the requirements is in our eyes the essence of any successful cooperation. In a personal meeting with Landseife, we first got to know the products and discussed together which characteristics made the brand special and should therefore be the focus of the packaging concept.

After this successful exchange, the core characteristics of the range and thus also of the packaging solution were determined:

  • Organic & Natural
  • Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly
  • Vegan & Animal Friendly
  • Handmade & Unique
  • High quality & certified

So these five or ten aspects had to be reflected in the packaging in any case and taken into account in the overall concept.

For this reason, the choice of materials fell on sustainable and environmentally friendly grass paper board, which consists of 50% fresh fibres from sun-dried grass. Thanks to the vanishingly small amount of water required during production, grass paper is an environmentally friendly and resourcesaving alternative to conventional cardboard.

Since Landseife’s product portfolio is very diverse and new products are regularly added to the range, we decided on a modular packaging concept with interchangeable banderoles, which are labelled and finished with digital printing. In this way, even very small product runs can be customised in a very short time.

All parts come from our Highcon laser die-cutter and can be adapted as desired at any time. This allows us to react flexibly to changes in the product range or to new design ideas.

Seismografics – the reliable partner for smart packaging and innovative print finishes

Great packaging must not only look good and visually appeal to the customer, but also protect the product from external influences in the best possible way.

Thanks to our personal and collaborative project approach, we were able to develop and launch the ideal packaging solution for Landseife. Our innovative printing and finishing techniques, as well as the use of high-quality materials, have resulted in packaging that can be produced cost-effectively without sacrificing quality.

The modular structure of the packaging design, in which the banderoles can be exchanged at will, offers diverse and flexible application possibilities. Within a very short time, design changes can be made and products can easily be added to the range without having to design additional packaging for the new variant.

The packaging is now 100% in line with the brand values, scores points with customers for its aesthetics and high material and print quality and, above all, is now optimally protected for transport. This gives the customer a consistently positive and pleasant product and brand experience from second one, starting with unpacking.

We are proud and happy that Landseife has placed such great trust in us and our many years of expertise.

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