Grass Paper Packaging: An Ecological Packaging Solution that Highlights Your Sustainable Branding Goals

The strong increase in environmental awareness among consumers presents eCommerce brands with a major challenge. To make customers happy, they need packaging that is visually appealing and sustainable at the same time – without being too expensive to buy.

One material that can help you achieve this balancing act between cost-effectiveness, sustainability and aesthetics is grass paper. Grass paper packaging is made from sun-dried grass in an energy- and resource-saving way, is environmentally friendly, chemical-free and can be designed in many ways.

If Eco-friendly branding is an essential part of your brand strategy, grass paper packaging can be a powerful tool to communicate your commitment to environmental stewardship to your partners and customers.

How is grass paper made and what makes it so environmentally friendly?

Grass paper consists of up to 50% fresh fibres obtained from sun-dried grass. Since grass grows much faster and requires less (and largely unused) arable land than wood, grass paper packaging is an efficient and rapidly renewable alternative to paper and cardboard made from wood fibres.

Moreover, grass pulp production uses only about 10% of the energy and only 20% of the water needed to produce wood pulp. While the production of one tonne of grass fibre uses less than one litre of water, the production of the same amount of wood fibre uses several thousand litres.

The use of process chemicals is also dispensed with in grass paper production. The ecologically compatible fibres are then processed into paper or cardboard, which can finally be used to produce packaging for products with sustainable branding. Grass paper packaging is fully compostable and recyclable.

The properties of grass paper at a glance:

  • Fast growing & constantly available material
  • Recyclable & 100% biodegradable
  • Energy- & resource-saving production
  • Free of chemical additives & process chemicals
  • Material & production costs comparable to wood pulp

The advantages of grass paper packaging at a glance:

  • Powerful tool for sustainable branding
  • Almost infinite design possibilities
  • Unique feel and look
  • Energy- and power-saving production
  • Lightweight material and space-saving storage
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Which grass paper packaging can be implemented?

Basically, any “traditional” packaging made of conventional cardboard or carton can also be implemented in a grass paper version. Folding boxes, folding boxes, sliding boxes – we can implement any packaging design, including inlays individually adapted to your products. In addition, we also produce sustainable banderoles made of grass paper on request.

Although grass paper packaging is particularly suitable for brands and products with “eco-branding”, it is suitable for products from all sectors and industries. Consumers in general are increasingly looking for an environmentally friendly value chain in the products they consume – be it natural cosmetics, household products or food. Thus, even brands that are not classically oriented towards sustainable branding increasingly have to deal with sustainable packaging alternatives to plastic, wood and co. in order to survive in the market.

In the past, we have already developed and produced sustainable packaging made of grass paper for hundreds of brands from various industries.

The following packaging is part of our portfolio so far:

– Sustainable cosmetics packaging

– Sustainable food packaging

– Sustainable jewellery packaging

– Sustainable packaging for food supplements

– Sustainable packaging for electronic products

– Sustainable lifestyle product packaging

– Sustainable shipping packaging

In some industries, such as cosmetics or food, legislators and authorities set strict hygiene and health standards that your end products must also meet in order to be approved for trade.

Our packaging experts are experienced in dealing with the guidelines and practicality requirements of various industries and, in consultation with you, will develop a suitable sustainable packaging concept that meets these legal requirements without compromising on design in terms of sustainability or aesthetics.

What designs & print finishes are available?

We can currently offer our customers three different types of grass paper, which are available in 14 different grammages.

Grass paper packaging can basically be designed just as freely as conventional packaging made of wood pulp board. In order to be able to offer our customers a uniformly sustainable packaging concept,

we rely on environmentally friendly printing techniques and materials for our prints and print finishes. For example, we work with water-based printing ink, environmentally friendly natural and dispersion varnishes and 100% biodegradable films.


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How expensive is grass paper packaging?

While many companies would like to make their production processes more sustainable, they are concerned that the environmentally friendly alternatives are so expensive that their margins shrink significantly and profitability suffers.

Yet environmental awareness does not have to be expensive, quite the opposite. The cost of packaging made from grass paper is almost identical to that of conventional packaging solutions. The reason: the energy and material costs that are saved in the extraction of the grass fibres ultimately have a reducing effect on the end material price in purchasing.

Seismografics – Your experts for packaging solutions and designs made from sustainable grass paper.

Seismografics is a 360° full-service packaging provider that has specialised in the development and implementation of sustainable packaging solutions for many years. We accompany our customers from the initial requirements analysis and brainstorming, through the entire conceptualisation of suitable packaging designs, to production, printing, packaging and fulfilment.

The advantage of our interdisciplinary service orientation lies in particular in the fact that the project coordination effort is kept as low as possible and you can count on considerably lower costs.

Since we can also handle very small print runs, our loyal customers include not only corporate groups and established medium-sized businesses, but also small companies and start-ups.


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Grass paper packaging is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional wood pulp or plastic packaging solutions. With a well-designed, sustainable packaging concept based on grass paper, your products and your brand will strike a chord with your target group, whose purchasing decisions are already strongly influenced by ecological factors.

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