APRICOT Case Study – How sustainable packaging design succeeds for cosmetics brands

Without packaging, there is no product ready for sale. The importance of fast timing is particularly evident in time-critical orders.

Read how we developed various customised packaging and advertising solutions for the beauty and healthcare brand APRICOT within a very short time.

Good communication is the be-all and end-all

Our cooperation with the German beauty company APRICOT impressively shows how crucial smooth communication and close personal exchange are for the successful implementation of packaging projects.

At the same time, it becomes clear how great the interest of companies in sustainable packaging solutions is: APRICOT founder and managing director Verena Jäger had become aware of Seismografics through our article about the Ecovaganza Box, which is designed to be particularly environmentally friendly.

In total, our cooperation to date includes the implementation of the following products:

  • Repackaging
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Flyer
  • Display

After making contact, Ms Jäger and our Managing Director Jakob Kaikkis arranged a meeting to discuss ways to design sustainable eCommerce packaging.

During the conversation it came up that APRICOT also needed a flyer at short notice, which had to be ready just six days later. We gladly accepted this challenge and achieved our first joint result.

But it did not stop at this one order. At the same time, the approaches for sustainable packaging solutions discussed at the meeting were transferred into a first sample.

Good performance in a time-critical project

We created the sample of the so-called beauty box within just two days and then presented it to the customer.

This positive start to the cooperation led APRICOT to confidently discuss another project with us: Due to the failure of another supplier, there were only three weeks left to realise all the outer packaging in the new design for the planned relaunch.

Our team immediately took the initiative and collected information material from APRICOT and the companies involved. Then Jakob Kaikkis contacted Ms. Jäger to discuss details about size, design and the expected quantities needed.

Our sample department immediately created samples of the designs developed so far, on the basis of which an offer could be made to APRICOT.

In the shortest time to the finished packaging design

When time is so pressing, sometimes unconventional meeting times occur – in this case a Friday evening, when the next important project components were defined.

Thus, over the weekend, a further quotation could be worked out and on Monday, after urgently ordering the material, the pattern adjustments could be made.

In a direct follow-up meeting, details were changed live on site and the packaging was immediately re-sampled.

The fast and flexible coordination made it possible that we could start with the press proof on our screen printing machine already on Wednesday. Final adjustments and approval were made on the same day and the required print data was ready just one week later.

In this way, we were able to meet the time-critical production deadline for the packaging and thus enable APRICOT to finalise the new beauty product.

Verena Jäger was extremely pleased with the efficient cooperation:

“I am very happy that my requirements were solved quickly and flexibly and that I thus managed to meet my very tight deadline, which was extremely important for me, as otherwise I would have been out of stock with many products.”

But there was more to do – after the positive results and successful teamwork, APRICOT commissioned the design of a display.

Here, too, time efficiency was required, but we managed to implement the task both creatively and quickly: we needed only five days for the development and production of the sales displays.

Successful implementation of different tasks

Our various projects for APRICOT prove that unique product packaging can be created in a short period of time that absolutely stands out from the competition when client and service provider work hand in hand.

Seismografics supports this by concentrating on the following core competencies:

  • Rapid development and implementation of measures
  • Permanent communication with the client
  • Solution orientation and innovative spirit

APRICOT Managing Director Verena Jäger emphasises the advantages of the partnership cooperation:

“Seismografics managed to optimise my product together with me through extensive know-how and an impressive knowledge of the market, despite the short time available. They implemented it exactly according to my ideas. It’s fun to work with Seismografics because all the people are so wonderfully straightforward and committed.”

Our conclusion from the good experience with APRICOT? Due to the effective interaction and permanent dialogue with the client in development, design and graphics, extraordinary products can be realised.


The advantages for the customer

Packaging solutions of this kind allow our customers to present themselves and their products exclusively and uniquely. Differentiation from the competition, growing turnover and positive effects for marketing and brand image are the logical consequence.

In addition, Seismografics provides you with the appropriate advertising material, flyers and displays and thus a service that no other packaging manufacturer can offer you. That’s why our products and advertising materials are always a unified whole.

Are you also interested in a fruitful partnership with an established and innovative packaging and solutions provider? Then please feel free to contact us here.

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